Munich: Allianz Arena’s illumination reinvented

source:; author: michał

Munich: Allianz Arena’s illumination reinvented Philips released new of a three-year contract with Bayern. As part of the deal the Dutch company will completely rethink Allianz Arena’s external lights, making the stadium even more impressive.


Philips and Bayern signed a three-year sponsorship deal. While its worth hasn’t been disclosed, the contract includes major changes to Allianz Arena’s lighting system. The Dutch manufacturer will redesign it completely.

To date the ETFE cushions covering the stadium’s facades have only been lit in one colour each. This allowed Bayern to display various patterns, but not detailed ones. After Philips is done with the stadium, 390,000 new LED lights will allow the cushions to have precise and animated motives presented over the entire surface of 29,000 sqm.

The renovation is understood not only to improve the stadium’s commercial potential and ‘wow factor’, but will also significantly reduce spending on electricity. The new system is expected to cut down the electric bill by 60%!

This is perhaps the largest renovation carried out so far at Allianz Arena (no certainty as details were not released), which opened in 2005. The stadium has also saw capacity increases, standing section changes and a high-speed Wi-Fi system done.

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