Munich: Allianz Arena to grow to over 75,000 capacity

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Munich: Allianz Arena to grow to over 75,000 capacity When first opened, it had 66,000 seats. Then the capacity was increased twice and now exceeds 71,000 for domestic games. Before next season another 4,000 are expected by Bayern.


For traffic and safety reasons Allianz Arena was opened with capacity at 66,000 seats. The stadium was soon found too small for Bayern though, selling out for nearly all games. As fans lobbied for standing room to be created , terracing raised the level to 69,901 for domestic games.

However, for international fixtures it was still 66,000. As room for expansion on the upper tier was available, further seats were mounted in September 2012, giving the domestic size of 71,137 (67,812 with seats only).

Allianz ArenaPhoto: Christian Zeiner

Still selling out instantly, the stadium is currently not only smaller than Bayern's potential, but also than UEFA guidelines for Champions League final and more importantly Euro 2020 semifinals and final.

Thus Bayern are now proposing one more increase, which would get the stadium to 70,000-71,000 seats and almost 75,000 with standing room (additional 2,000 seats and 2,000 standing, roughly). The change should be approved well before the 2014/15 season and official application is expected in March.