Munich: Allianz Arena’s capacity grew again - to 71,137!

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Munich: Allianz Arena’s capacity grew again - to 71,137! Finally – some fans might say. Those few who actually got the extra 2,000 tickets. Munich authorities accepted the application for capacity increase and so last row of seating was extended.


Since the opening of Allianz Arena in 2005 official capacity was 66,000 people, all seated. Unofficially some were saying an expansion is possible to even some 72,000, but the 66,000 limit was put by municipal authorities fearing insufficient transport system.

First change came when more feverous supporters started demanding standing places. Terracing is a normal feature in the Bundesliga with Berlin’s Olympiastadion and Allianz Arena being only two exceptions. Not anymore, though, as permission was granted and some seats in the away section and behind one goal were changed for ‘safe standing’ section, totaling at 13,794 spots and increasing capacity to 69,901.

Allianz ArenaPhoto: Richard Cawood

And that last number has been Bayern’s annual average attendance year after year. No wonder they applied for further increase, this time by installing extra seats in the last row. And now, after approval from the city, it’s officially 71,137 people who can watch Bayern’s fixtures.

In case anyone was hoping for one of those extra seats – don’t. They’re already sold out for all Bundesliga and Champions League fixtures…