Rotterdam: De Kuip campaigners aren't giving up

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Rotterdam: De Kuip campaigners aren't giving up After Feyenoord called their plans unrealistic, campaigners opting to save current De Kuip stadium worked hard on their vision and improved it. Plans is still the same, but better – with budget, sightlines and construction method detailed. It seems Feyenoord got a hard nut to crack.


In case you haven't read our previous coverage of the case, Feyenoord plans to build a new €300-million stadium across the road from De Kuip. But thousands of supporters and other Rotterdam inhabitants oppose the plan. They're gathered around 'Red de Kuip' campaign (Red = Save) that proposed a vision to expand the current venue instead of building anew.

The club is determined to go forward with their vision, they're even chosen the preferred contractor. But members of 'Red De Kuip' got to meet Feyenoord officials in late September, attempting to convince them to change the plans. Both sides were very displeased with the meeting's outcome and attitude of the other side.

Feyenoord claimed the vision of adding a third tier under the same roof (lifted for construction) lacks thorough analysis of budget, spectator sightlines or overall construction feasibility. 'Red De Kuip' weren't discouraged and worked their plan over to improve it and answer all questions posed.

Now they present the vision with new details, trying to prove it works – all spectators will see the pitch, the venue may still provide extensive corporate facilities (4 restaurants, 4 lounges, 88 skyboxes) and all this for just €117 million instead of €300 million for the new stadium.

new De Kuip?

Capacity increase from current 51,000 to 63,000 might be possible within only one season and De Kuip could be used throughout the process – 'RDK' claim.

We don't know how will Feyenoord react to that, but facts are the campaigners managed to get a second meeting that is held today. This surely is a step forward since Feyenoord declared in October they will not discuss the plan any more.

Below you can see the proposed phases of De Kuip restructuring that is supposed to make the venue's lifespan expand by up to 50 years.