Rotterdam: Feyenoord refuse to talk about 'saving De Kuip' any more

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Rotterdam: Feyenoord refuse to talk about 'saving De Kuip' any more After last week's meeting between Feyenoord and “Save De Kuip” campaigners both sides seem to be further from convincing the others than they were before. The club announced they will not hold additional meetings about the campaign.


In case you haven't read our first piece on the case, in early September Feyenoord found themselves in a difficult position. When they were just about to announce the contractor of their future 63,000-capacity stadium (to be built south of De Kuip), campaign to save the current venue was established.

'Red De Kuip' (Save De Kuip) proposed increasing capacity of the existing venue to 66,000 by adding a third tier. With over 15,000 people signing their petition, growing media attention and pressure visible during games, Feyenoord had to recognise the initiative.

Last week both sides met to discuss their visions – each being the other's opposite. 'Red De Kuip' was represented by Marcel Potters and Gert Onnink, while Feyenoord sent Jan van Merwijk (De Kuip director) and CEO Eric Gudde.

Campaigners were the first ones to share their thoughts of the meeting and they were clearly disappointed with Feyenoord, calling the meeting a 'flop'. As they claimed, the club still hasn't produced any evidence that building a new stadium will bring the expected revenues. As 'RDK' concluded, questions asked before remain unanswered.

Possibly fuelled by those claims, yesterday saw Feyenoord reply in an official statement. The club also went far in criticising their opposition, describing the initiative as unrealistic and immature. Feyenoord announced they will not be considering this kind of alternative to the new stadium, naming issues forgotten by 'RDK' (FIFA/UEFA/KNVB regulations, c-value for new tier sightlines).