Brazil 2014: Record sales of hospitality packages

source:; author: michał

Brazil 2014: Record sales of hospitality packages Though it’s only 7 months since premium seats at Brazilian stadiums went on sale for the 2014 World Cup, targeted income already exceeds expectations and is higher than total hospitality revenue from South Africa’s 2010 World Cup.


FIFA Hospitality Programme sales started in November 2011. But already, two years ahead of 2014 World Cup company behind the project (MATCH Hospitality AG) informs of unprecedented popularity of premium packages.

Business clients worldwide already booked some 90,000 seats and gave FIFA predicted income of $262m. That means final goal for the tournament has already been reached while we are still months from potential deadlines and 36 agents still contact further business clients in 80 countries.

Their results already exceed what FIFA has earned from this program in South Africa, thus reassuring that FIFA made the right choice of hosts, at least business-wise.