OSK Metalist (Stadion Metalist)

Capacity38 613
506 (VIP seats)
500 (Press seats)
242 (Commentator seats)
102 (Disabled seats)
Country Ukraine
ClubsFK Metalist 1925 Kharkiv
Floodlights 2400 lux
Inauguration 12.09.1926
Renovations 1961-67, 1970-74, 1998-2007, 2008-2009
Attendance record 42 000 (23.09.1980 Metalist-Tawrija)
Design Z. W. Permyloskij (1927), J. A. Tabakowa (1970), Instytut Kharkivproekt (2009)
Address Plekhanovska St. 65 Metalist stadium UA - 61001 KHARKIV


Stadion Metalist – stadium description

Built in place of a cemetery back in 1926 this stadium instantly became the city’s largest sporting venue. As it was raised by local factory workers, its name was Traktor. In 1967 it rose above the 10,000 boarder (also received its third and final name - Metalist) and by 1974 it was already 40,000.

During 80’s and 90’s the stadium went through more redevelopment works, but was still judged as poor compared to 21st century standards. That’s why in 2007 another major revamp started with most visible effects being dismantling and rebuilding the eastern stand and widening the roof thanks to 24 huge cantilevers placed around the stadiums. Those were not the only works, though – almost all of the ground has changed, starting from facades, seats and giant screens, and ending with equipment and furniture inside specific rooms.



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