Stadion Chernomorets (Stadion Czornomorca Odessa)

Capacity34 164
192 (20 skyboxes) (VIP seats)
3918 (Business seats)
600 (Press seats)
120 (Disabled seats)
Country Ukraine
ClubsFK Czornomorec Odessa
Inauguration 19.11.2011 (Czornomorec Odessa - Karpaty Lwów, 2-2)
Construction 03.09.2008 - 10.11.2011
Cost 2,4 mld UAH
Design Fiebiger GmbH Architekten
Design time 2008
Other 220-room hotel, offices, restaurants, 595-bay car park.


Stadion Chernomorets – stadium description

In 2008 Chernomorets began its exile that lasted for over 3 years. During that time old slopes that constituted the Tsentralnyi Stadion were destroyed and replaced with a brand new stadium. However, after rapid dismantling, construction works were going very slow with the project nearly being taken over by a Chinese contractor. UEFA wasn’t helpful in motivating to a faster pace, because Odessa was excluded from the list of Euro 2012 host cities along with Dnepropetrovsk, Chorzow and Krakow.

July 2011 was decisive as it was then the works started moving forward with huge speed, allowing for the whole stadium to be ready for use by mid-November. It was supposed to cost some €86mln, but it is said that number was exceeded almost 3 times with final price tag at some €220mln.

First game was played against Karpaty Lviv in Ukraine’s premier league. The stadium was nearly full with attendance at 31,036.

Architecture of the ground, although created by German architects, is typical to Odessa. The facades are yet another local attempt to combine classic, quasi-historical architecture with modern trends. Impressive, highly decorated columnades are thus mixed with huge surfaces of glass. Stands are divided into 2 tiers with the upper one not overhanging the lower, but being placed behind it. Top spots at the ground are reserved for business clients and VIPs.



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