Stadion Event Place (Stadion Voždovac)

Capacity5 174
250 (VIP seats)
Country Serbia
ClubsFK Voždovac
Inauguration 31/08/2013 (FK Voždovac - FK Jagodina, 1-1)
Construction 2011-2013
Address Zaplanjska 32, Voždovac, 11000 Beograd


Stadion Voždovac – stadium description

This stadium raised some eyebrows already in the renderings. The old and outdated Dejan Majić Stadium was to be demolished and replaced by a new one... placed atop a shopping centre.

The old 6,000-capacity stadium was demolished back in 2010 and in 2011 construction works began on the centre, proceeding swiftly due to prefab structure.

While in progress, the stadium's design changed significantly from early renderings. First, stands behind goals were added instead of only those along the pitch, earning the stadium some 1,500 seats and raising capacity to 5,000. However, not without a price, because the roof changed to one with supports obstructing the view of many viewers.

The shopping centre was opened in March 2013, but works on the stadium itself were still ongoing until July and finally the Jagodina opener on August 31 was approved, marking the opening of one of the world's most uniquely located stadiums.



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