Stadionul Mircea Chivu

Capacity6 100
Country Romania
Inauguration 1926


Stadionul Mircea Chivu – stadium description

In the south of Carpathian city Reșița (western Romania) lies one of the most picturesquely located football grounds in the country. Partly incorporated into one of many local hills in the west, it has an unusual layout. The western grandstand is accessible from below (ground level) and above (the hill), while the eastern side incorporates all facilities usually built in the west, including player amenities.

The stadium has 4 rows of terracing around the entire pitch and the two above-mentioned grandstands. It used to house 12,500 people when entirely-terraced, but in 2009 the grandstands were converted to seating, reducing size to 6,100.

The stadium’s name is dedicated to Mircea Chivu, father of famous player Christian Chivu.  



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