Stadionul Michael Klein

Capacity16 500
2,152 (West stand)
1,065 (East stand)
Country Romania
ClubsFC Hunedoara
Inauguration 1960 (Corvinul - Universitatea Cluj, 2-0)
Renovations 2006
Address Str. Mihai Viteazu nr. 10, Hunedoara, Romania


Stadionul Michael Klein – stadium description

Opened in 1960, the central stadium of Hunedoara had always been the home of Corvinul, well-known Romanian club that went defunct in 2004. This is also when the very last renovation of the stadium took place. With attempts of reviving football in the city being far from the heyday, the building is known for having no toilets on matchdays, even portable ones.

Sad fate met not only the stadium itself, but also the vast green complex around it. Created as the main leisure spot between two major junctions, the place was partly cut to pieces to accommodate shops and other facilities.

The last great thing about this stadium may perhaps be its name, honouring Michael Klein. The player took part in 313 game over 15 years (!) here in Hunedoara.

Nominally the stadium still holds 16,500 and is the biggest in the region, but the actual used capacity includes only individual seats, of which there are over 3,000.



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