Stadionul Flacăra Moreni

Capacity10 000
Country Romania
ClubsCS Flacăra Moreni
Inauguration 1922
Address Strada Mihai Eminescu, Moreni, Rumunia


Stadionul Flacăra – stadium description

The stadium in central Moreni is almost a standard one built with concrete and steel, except for the curves. The east curve has a part cut out, because it would limit nearby training ground if built. It’s a “natural” way to separate away fans. In turn the west curve has one section significantly higher to make up for the terracing lost in the east.

The building dates back to 1922, when local team Flacăra was also founded. Partial modernization came in communist times back in 1980s, but its current standard is poor. Only the southern main stand has seats and fresh paintwork.

Nominal capacity is 10,000, but actual one is much smaller. The official number predates seat installation in the south and includes both curves, currently partly sealed off.



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