Stadionul Emil Alexandrescu

Capacity11 390
Country Romania
ClubsCSM Studențesc Iași
Other names Stadionul 23 August (1960-1990)
Inauguration 23/08/1960 (CSMS - Nistru Chișinău)
Construction 1959-1960
Renovations 2004
Address Aleea Grigore Ghica Vodă 12-24, Iași 700469, Romania


Stadionul Emil Alexandrescu – stadium description

Built in northern Iasi in 1960, this stadium is located where its predecessor was since after WWI. As it was built in communist Romania, its name and opening date were set for August 23, when the communists held their Great Union Day celebrations. As regime changed, in 1990 new name was chosen for the stadium, this time celebrating Emil Alexandrescu, former mayor and footballer from Iasi.

The stadium’s layout hasn’t changed significantly since its erection in 1960, including the distinctive “flat” curves behind goals. Largest renovation project to date took place in 2004, when seats where installed, among other changes, reducing capacity from 15,000 to 11,390.

CSMS, the successor of Iasi’s key football clubs remains anchor tenant of this stadium. It was that club to play on opening day back in 1960, although various non-football events took place here, too. Handball, basketball, cycling, motorcycling or martial arts are among the less usual activities to have taken place here.



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