MAC³PARK stadion (Zwolle Stadion)

Capacity13 250
Country Netherlands
ClubsPEC Zwolle
Other names IJsseldelta Stadion (2012-2015)
Inauguration 29/08/2009
Construction 09/03/2007 – 08/2009
Design Widdershoven architecten
Address Stadionplein 1, 8025 CP Zwolle


MAC³PARK stadion – stadium description

Construction of a new stadium next to the old Oosterenk was approved by the Zwolle city council in 2003. However, the project was deadlocked for some time as local referendum showed disapproval of the scheme. Most controversial part was a casino planned as part of the complex.

Construction began in March 2007 and ended after just over 2 years, in 2009. Initial capacity was planned at around 10,000 people on single-tiered stands. Areas for fans are incorporated into a much larger complex, providing 32,000 sqm for commercial use (hotel, retail, offices, fitness centre). Local club received 5,000 sqm for use.

The simple and modest architecture by Widdershoven architecten might have left passers-by unaware that this is a football stadium, but four masts placed atop reveal the sporting use. Also a total of 6 training pitches (3 with synthetic turf) put the building in proper football context.

Though the starting capacity was set much higher than that of the previous stadium, it soon proved insufficient, as PEC Zwolle advanced and played well in the Eredevisie. This is why further rows of seating were added between the field and elevated stands, giving a total of 12,500. Maximum capacity should reach 14,500.



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