AFAS Stadion (Victorie Stadion)

Capacity17 250
Country Netherlands
ClubsAZ Alkmaar
Other names DSB Stadion (2006-2009), AZ Stadion (2009-2010)
Inauguration 04.08.2006 (AZ Alkmaar - Arsenal FC 0-3)
Cost €38m
Design Zwarts&Jansma Architekten
Design time 2000/2004
Construction 2005-2006


Description: AFAS Stadion

Decision to build a new stadium was taken in early 21st century. Construction lasted over a year, from 2005 to 2006. Maximum capacity of 17,250 people on single-tiered stands proved insufficient very fast as sell-out crowds became normal.

Expansion is possible, but due to bankruptcy of naming rights holders DSB the plan hasn’t been financially viable to date. It is estimated that in the future the ground can have 30-40,000 people.

The building was built with DSB's significant contribution, while AZ were to pay €2.6 million annually until 2036. However, just 4 years into its operation, DSB went bankrupt and the stadium was resold. It wasn't until 2017 that the club was able to buy it back and become the sole owner.



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