Estadio Banorte (Estadio Carlos González y González)

Capacity21 000
Country Mexico
ClubsCSD Dorados de Sinaloa
Inauguration 09.08.2003 (Dorados de Sinaloa - Club de Fútbol Cobras, 4-2)
Renovations 2015, 2018
Cost MXN 250 million
Address Benito Juárez, 80430 Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico


Estadio Banorte – stadium description

When opened back in 2003, this stadium on the bank of Humaya river had four independent stands with main one, west stand, providing corporate facilities and roof for spectators. Thanks to prefabricated elements being used, it was possible to open it just three months after groundbreaking.

It wouldn’t be right to think it was complete back then, though. To this day east stand’s roof and skyboxes aren’t ready, while end stands were only half-way done in 2003, requiring extension after a few years.



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