Allianz Stadium (Juventus Stadium)

Capacity41 507
275 (Press seats)
Country Italy
ClubsJuventus FC
Inauguration 08/09/2011 (Juventus – Notts County, 1–1)
Construction 07/2009 – 08/2011
Cost €122 M
Design arch. Suarez – SHESA architects, GAU Arena
Address Str. Com. di Altessano 131, 10151 Torino
Within the project 4000 parking spaces


Allianz Stadium – stadium description

This is the first case when a large stadium is being torn down after only 20 years in operation just to be replaced by a venue nearly twice smaller. But since Stadio delle Alpi was full only in 1/3 and for all of its existence remained very unpopular, Juventus started applying for a new ground only a decade after the Alpine stadium was opened ahead of 1990 World Cup. Plans became real when Turin transfererd the ground to the club's ownership.

Initially it was planned that a new ground be constructed within the existing structure, only for the stands to be replaced with smaller ones strictly surrounding the pitch. Later on a new vision appeared of tearing down the old ground and building a new one on its footprint. That one was approved in February 2008 and bulldozers arrived on site in September. Main construction work started in July 2009 and ended in August 2011.

The outcome is a compact stadium that would appear really modest if it wasn't for huge pylons painted in national colours of Italy. These structures were raised on both ends of the ground to carry the weight of steel roof thrusses positioned above the audience. Unfortunately during construction it came out that the roof needs further stabilisation and so supports were created inside the stadium, resulting in some fans seating in the corner having their view obstructed by thick steel ropes.

Building the stadium cost €122 million for which Juve received a new venue with over 41,000 seats and additionally parking space for some 4,000 cars and such a number of possible guests in two huge conference/banqueting halls along with commercial space and 64 skyboxes.

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