Stadion Gajayana

Capacity30 000
Country Indonesia
ClubsPersema Malang
Inauguration 1926
Construction 1924-1926
Renovations 1990, 2007


Stadion Gajayana – stadium description

Although it’s been overshadowed by the larger of Malang’s stadium, this one is in fact one of the oldest venues in all of Indonesia. It was erected in 1926 and for decades served as main sports centre of the city. In early 1990’s it was revamped for the first time, reach capacity of app. 17,000 people. Then in 2007 came the second redevelopment that brought it to around 30,000. But just like in most of Indonesia, this is only an estimate as seats are reserved for fans at the main stand. So is roof and other infrastructure.

Until 2004 Arema were the hosts, but then moved to their new ground. Currently, the sole tenant is Persema Malang.