Stadion Diponegoro

Capacity8 000
Country Indonesia
ClubsPersewangi Banyuwangi
Renovations 2005, 2008, 2014-2015
Cost IDR 5 billion (2014-2015)
Design Budi Pradono (2014-2015)
Address JL. Letjen Suprapto, Gebang, Patrang, 68117, Kec. Banyuwangi 68117, Indonesia


Stadion Diponegoro – stadium description

In early 21st century this stadium in the heart of Banyuwangi (east Java) had only a small grandstand along the western side, providing room for sportsmen underneath. In 2005 additional two stands joined the western one, but even together they didn’t span throughout the length of the field.

East stand was added in two phases. First the central section in 2008 and then its southern extension in 2012. The north end cannot be occupied due to high density of local housing.

The greatest upgrade to date cam in 2014-2015, when the new south end was built. Audience are placed on top of a ground-floor building with modern infrastructure. This end is the only one fully enclosed and covered, with interesting cut-out patterns in outer cladding representing dancers in traditional Gandrung dance poses. Along with the south end artificial lighting was added.



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