GOR Aji Imbut

Capacity35 000
Country Indonesia
ClubsMitra Kukar FC
Other name Stadion Madya Tenggarong (2008-2011)
Inauguration 18/06/2008
Construction 2006-2008
Cost IDR 899 billion
Address JL Stadion Madya Tenggarong, Baru, Tenggarong 75516, Indonesia


GOR Aji Imbut – stadium description

Delivered in several phases, this sports complex is the first so large development on the eastern bank of Mahakam River in Tenggarong (entire town is on the west side). Altogether on 100 hectares around a dozen various arenas were built, including Southeast Asia’s first indoor velodrome, according to local sources.

The stadium had cost IDR 899 billion (roughly $64m) and offers two grandstands with dynamic arch-supported roof. Only the west side is partially equipped with seats, while the east one offers only bare concrete.

Since its opening the stadium is home to one of more significant teams of Indonesia’s central level (though not among most popular), Mitra Kukar.

Since 2011 the arena also bears the name of Sultan Ali Muhammad Muslihuddin, who used to stay in the stadium’s area and created today’s Tenggarong.



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