CASA Arena Horsens

Capacity10 400
7500 (Seats)
2900 (Terraces)
Country Denmark
ClubsAC Horsens
Other names Forum Horsens Arena, Horsens Idrætspark
Floodlights 1400 lux
Inauguration 2009
Project 3XN
Date of project 2006
Cost 110mln DKK


CASA Arena Horsens – stadium description

Compared to most stadia this one stands out thanks to unique shape of the floodlight masts and their relation to the bowl they look upon. But one more feature makes Horsens an interesting case – one stand behind endline is mobile (along with facade and roof!) and may be retracted if needed. This allows crowds in excess of 30,000 for concerts though regular capacity bearely exceeds 10,000.

No wonder that when AC Horsens take a break, musicians enter the stadium for concerts, with the biggest names there can be – Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna.