Stadion NŠC Stjepan Spajić (Stadion u Sigetu)

Capacity4 500
Country Croatia
ClubsNK Hrvatski dragovoljac
Renovations 2006
Address Radmanovačka ulica 6, Novi Zagreb, Siget, Zagreb


Stadion Stjepan Spajić – stadium description

Built in southern part of the Croatian capital called Novi Zagreb, it was supposed to bring more activity into the stagnated part of Zagreb. Initially the pitch had almost no infrastructure. Over the years a grandstand was built and covered on the north side. Later, as club’s position started improving, floodlight masts and a temporary western stand were erected.

Due to location in the Siget estate, it’s often referred to as Stadion u Sigetu, but official name honours famous president of the club Stjepan Spajić who died within club premises in 2004, serving Hrvatski dragovoljac until his last moments.

Two training pitches are located just next to the venue.



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