Igralište Batarija

Capacity1 000
Country Croatia
ClubsHNK Trogir
Address Obala bana Berislavića, 21218 Trogir, Croatia


Igralište Batarija – stadium description

One of Croatia's most famous stadiums isn't among the biggest, by no means. After all, how much space can you hope for on a miniscule island with ancient old town that has streets just two-people wide. And yet, at the end of its waterfront lies the stadium.

Located at the west end of the UNESCO Heritage-listed island, the playing field has a 15th-century fortress (Kamerlengo) behind its south goal and a solitaire tower behind the north one. While usually the changing rooms and stands are created in the west, in Trogir you have the sea just 10 meters away from the west side.

Traditionally, the stadium had one concrete grandstand for a few hundred people in the east, however it aged and was eventually dismantled in 2019. It was then replaced by tubular sections with 163 individual seats. At the same time the old natural field was changed for synthetic, to cope with intensive use.



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