Capacity50 865
131 (VIP seats)
166 (Press seats)
Country Austria
Other names Praterstadion (1931-1992)
Floodlights 1300 lux
Inauguration 11.07.1931
Renovations 1945, 1956, 1965, 1984 – 1986, 2005 - 2008
Record attendance 92 708 (Austria - Spain, 30.10.1960)
Deisgn Otto Ernst Schweizer (1929)
Address A - 1020 Wien, Meiereistraße


Ernst-Happel-Stadion – stadium description

Plans to build a new stadium in Vienna started appearing already in 1915, but for the next 14 years its location remained uncertain. It was in May 1929 that authorities decided to locate it in the Prater Park, located on the Danube embankment. Construction began in July and ended after 23 months. From then Praterstadion, as it was known for most of its existence, became home to biggest games in Austria for the next decade. After the country's incarnation into the Third Reich it was used as barracks for soldiers and also as prison for Jewish citizens. That was until bombardments destroyed part of the ground in 1944.

The following year structure was repaired and in the 50's a redevelopment raised capacity above 90,000 people. All-time attendance record was broken – most probably – on October 30th 1960, when Austria defeated Spain 3:0 in front of 92,708 people – over 1,000 above capacity. Those were the days – must have been comments of many Austrians when capacity has been decreased twice, falling to 72,000 in the 60's and to 55,000 in the 70's. Both changes came with the installment of seating instead of standing terraces. Today's name is a tribute to Ernst Happel, the legendary goalkeeper of Rapid and Austrian national team who played some of his biggest games here. Decision on naming was taken in 1992, when the player passed away.

Stands divided into three tiers surround the pitch and an athletics track. Since 1986 viewers are also covered. Partly thanks to the cover this ground was home to some of Europe's biggest games, including but not limited to historical matches of Austria and four European Cup finals (later called Champions League).



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