Italy: Serie A stadium attendance during 2023/24 season

source: Calcio e Finanza, Transfermarkt; author: Miguel Ciołczyk Garcia

Italy: Serie A stadium attendance during 2023/24 season The Serie A playoffs are now over, so it's time for a stadium recap of the season. And this one surprised with the best attendance in 27 years. 3 teams surpassed the magic barrier of one million spectators, including Inter and AC Milan, who played a fierce Milan derby for the highest attendance, decided by a minimal difference.


Serie A breaks records

Calcio e Finanza reported on Monday record attendances for the 2023/24 season at Serie A stadiums. An average of 30,911 fans attended an Italian first division match, the best since the 1997/98 season when the average was 31,223 spectators. Slightly lower figures - 30,952 spectators per game - are reported by Transfermarkt.

This is how the average attendance per match of Serie A compares to the other leagues of the so-called Top 5, according to the German portal:

  1. Bundesliga - 39,507
  2. Premier League - 38,557
  3. Serie A - 30,952
  4. La Liga - 29,017
  5. Ligue One - 27 023

Just like the revenues of Italian stadiums, attendance on the Apennine Peninsula is also polarised, with only seven clubs recording above-average numbers. You can watch all the Italian Premier League stadiums for the 2023/24 season on our English channel in the video below:

Milan, Rome and Napoli in the lead

While league play saw Inter (94 points) decisively put away AC Milan (75 points), in the battle for the highest attendance, the two Milan clubs fought an even battle on San Siro's stands. In the end, however, the Italian champions, or rather their fans, cranked out a figure of 1,383,926 fans, an average of 72,838 spectators per match.

Rossoneri’s matches, on the other hand, were watched by 1,367,997 fans, 72,000 per game. The final podium spot went to AS Roma, who also broke the one million spectators mark. A total of 1,195,578 fans came to the Giallorossi's matches at Stadio Olimpico this season - 62,925 per game.

Fourth place went to Napoli, who reached a total of 892,555 fans, which translated into an average of 46,977 spectators per game. Fifth place went to Lazio, sharing Rome's Olympic Stadium with Roma. The Biancocelesti were supported by a total of 830 600 fans, or 43,716 per match.

Stadio Olimpico© Marco_Pomella | Stadio Olimpico

Which stadium was the fullest?

In terms of percentage of stadium fill, as many as three clubs exceeded the 90% barrier, and the top spot went to...Cagliari, whose fans filled the Unipol Domus with an average of 98.5%. Second place went to Inter (96%) and the third ex-aequo to AC Milan and Juventus (94.8%). Frosinone's stadium, the PSC Arena, was 90.3% full.

The emptiest stands, on the other hand, were at Empoli's matches at Stadio Carlo Castellan (55.9%), and at Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi belonging to Hellas Verona (56.1%). The percentage was also poor at Rome's Stadio Olimpico during Lazio’s matches, which was filled to an average of 59.7%.

Unipol Domus (Sardegna Arena)© | Unipol Domus (Sardegna Arena)

These are the Serie A attendance statistics according to Transfermarkt:

Pos.ClubStadiumTotal number of fansAverage no. of fans per match

% of stadium fill

 1. Inter Stadio San Siro 1,383,926 72,838 96%
 2. AC Milan Stadio San Siro 1,367,997 72,000 94,8%
 3. AS Roma Stadio Olimpico 1,195,578 62,925 85,9%
 4. SSC Napoli Stadio Diego Armando Maradona 892,555 46,977 85,8%
 5. Lazio Roma Stadio Olimpico 830,600 43,716 59,7%
 6. Juventus Allianz Stadium 747,557 39,345 94,8%
 7. Genoa CFC Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris 593,269 31,225 89,5%
 8. ACF Fiorentina Stadio Artemio Franchi 551,015 29,001 67,2%
 9. US Lecce Stadio Via del Mare 506,245 26,644 84,4%
 10. Bologna FC Stadio Renato Dall’Ara 492,367 25,914 71,7%
 11. Torino FC Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino 432,298 22,753 80,8%
 12. Hellas Werona Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi 417,929 21,996 56,1%
 13. Udinese Bluenergy Stadium 409,385 21,547 85,7%
 14. Salernitana Stadio Arechi 356,954 18,787 63,2%
 15. Cagliari Unipol Domus 307,187 16,168 98,5%
 16. Atalanta Gewiss Stadium 279,769 14,725 67,7%
 17. Frosinone PSC Arena 278,820 14,646 90,3%
 18. Sassuolo Mapei Stadium 276,976 14,578 67,5%
 19. Monza U-Power Stadium 231,394 12,179 71,2%
 20. Empoli Stadio Carlo Castellani 210,757 11,092 55,9%