2030 World Cup final: Will Bernabéu lose due to lack of support from Spanish government?

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Paulina Skóra

2030 World Cup final: Will Bernabéu lose due to lack of support from Spanish government? For weeks now, there has been much talk about which stadium will host the final of the 2030 World Cup. Barcelona and Morocco have joined the battle for this match. Meanwhile, the idea of hosting the final at Real Madrid's venue reportedly does not sit well with the Spanish Prime Minister himself! What's going on here?


Santiago Bernabéu needs support

Spanish football has had a very poor reputation abroad in recent months. There have even been suggestions that FIFA might decide to strip Spain of the title of World Cup 2030 host. Fortunately, it seems like that won't happen.

Tomás González Martín, a journalist for El Debate, reports that the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, will not back Santiago Bernabéu in the fight to host the World Cup final. The source emphasizes that Real Madrid is doing everything in its power to organize this major event. Florentino Pérez is aware that diplomatic support from the country's key figures is also needed to achieve this. The Prime Minister, however, is dodging the issue and has no intention of officially supporting Madrid. Why?

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Concern for position?

Pedro Sánchez's only obsession is to continue serving as the Spanish government's president and he succumbs to all the persuasions of Catalan parties in Spain and the King of Morocco, as read in El Debate. Pedro Sánchez does not advocate for the final to be held in Madrid, just like the Spanish Federation, which is in conflict with Real Madrid on many fronts, from Barçagate to the war over changing the refereeing system based on the Negreiry conspiracy. In the Catalan vote, the Prime Minister was asked to support the candidacy of Camp Nou.

Meanwhile, Pedro Sánchez remains silent while France pressures its media to criticize awarding the final to a country whose federation is surrounded by corruption. Emmanuel Macron and Mohamed VI emphasize that for the first time in history, the final should be awarded to a North African country. More information about the construction of the stadium in Morocco for the World Cup final can be found here.

The head of government is lying again to save face and deflect responsibility onto others. Of course, Real Madrid is making diplomatic efforts for the final to be held at their stadium. FIFA itself believes that this venue is the best place for the final, but the political pressures are immense, and the president of world football sees that this idea lacks support from the authorities, writes Tomás González Martín.

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Economic opportunity for entire country

Media also highlight the significance of hosting the championship for Spain's entire economy. According to experts' calculations, organizing this tournament will generate revenue of at least €11 billion. Based on earlier estimates, which are likely to increase, it will generate €5.12 billion within GDP, with an additional €5.55 billion through the tourism sector. Hosting the World Cup is also expected to create 82,513 new full-time jobs.