Spain: FC Barcelona presents final visualization of new Camp Nou

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Spain: FC Barcelona presents final visualization of new Camp Nou During an event held a few days ago at the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC), the final appearance of Barcelona's new home and its surroundings in the already famous Espai Barça project was announced. The latest information from the construction site was also provided.


To disseminate the project

FC Barcelona's Vice President, Elena Fort, along with the head of the Espai Barça technical office, Lluís Moyà, and members of the project team, presented all the details of the future stadium to architects from the collegiate. The meeting also marked the beginning of a series of visits to the Spotify Camp Nou construction site, which the club organized in collaboration with COAC.

This initiative aligns with Barcelona's goal of disseminating the project, in this case among architects from academic institutions. The new space in the Cortes district will become an architectural reference point for the city and the world.

Design of Nou Camp Nou© FC Barcelona

Sustainable development

The event began with an introduction by the dean of COAC, Guima Costa y Calsamiglii, who welcomed all participants, emphasizing the architectural significance of the stadium building and the good decision made in preserving the original facade during the project's development. On the other hand, the head of the Espai Barça technical office, Lluís Moya, and members of the project team were responsible for explaining where the work is being carried out and acquainting the audience with all the technical and architectural aspects that are part of the Spotify Camp Nou renovation.

One of the main pillars of the project is sustainable development, so part of the initiatives already being implemented in this regard, such as the reuse of concrete and steel from the old stadium to build the new facility, was also presented.

Design of Nou Camp Nou© FC Barcelona

Opening in 2024?

During the event, a video was presented revealing certain details of how the new Camp Nou will look. Among the shots were the VIP area on the third level with all its amenities. It was also possible to see Europe's largest stands with three huge LED screens, as well as the press room.

Espai Barça will become the largest and most innovative sports and entertainment space in the center of a major European city. This is one of the most characteristic features of the project and one of the biggest challenges in the entire construction process.

Design of Nou Camp Nou© FC Barcelona

A year and a half ago, we came to present a project that was in the final planning stage, and now it has become a reality. It is a project for the city and the entire country, it is the largest private investment in Spain in many years, said Vice President Elena Fort.

The project is supposed to be completed before the 2025/2026 season, but there is confidence in Barcelona's camp that they will be able to move to the new stadium before the end of 2024, utilizing two-thirds of its capacity. Full capacity, which is 105,000 seats, would be made available for use in 2025.