Germany: Red Bull Arena set to challenge Signal Iduna Park

source:; author: Michał Czarniecki

Germany: Red Bull Arena set to challenge Signal Iduna Park From the very start of their Bundesliga appearances, RB Leipzig fans have only been able to base their pre-match tifo on standard methods. Come the end of this season, that is set to change thanks to the club’s decision giving fans the opportunity to compete artistically with the likes of Westfalenstadion.


A long-awaited improvement is coming to Zentralstadion

As Bild journalist Yvonne Gabriel reported, a hoister will be installed above Red Bull Arena’s sector B for the most loyal fans to display the spectacular vertical choreography. In doing so, the Leipzig club's management has addressed a request that the fans first made just a few months ago.

According to press reports, the entire installation valued at €100,000 will be around 46 metres wide. This will make it wider than the one used at Signal Iduna Park. The lift located there in the south stand is 42 metres wide. It is worth mentioning that Dortmund is regarded as the undisputed leader in Germany when it comes to fan choreographies. The club from Leipzig wants to match such standards, and in the long term attempt to dethrone Westfalenstadion.

Plans estimate the installation to be completed later this season. There is no secret that the aim of the stadium owners is to make the finished hoister available to the sector B as early as April. If successful, Rasenballsport fans would be able to inaugurate the improved choreography during crucial matches in the Bundesliga, including the clash against Borussia Dortmund on April 27.

Red Bull Arena© Fabian

Not the first investment at the request of RB Leipzig fans

'Bulls' CEO Oliver Mintzlaff does not shy away from investing in improving the comfort of fans both in and around the Red Bull Arena. One example could be the build of the walkway leading across the Festwiese commons into the stadium. The club paid almost €2 million to improve the road after the intervention of supporters.

A project left over from the 2006 World Cup preparations - the construction of a pedestrian and cycling bridge over the Elster River - is still to be completed. Connecting the Zentralstadion to the RB Leipzig training facility would significantly improve access to the venue. However, in this case the club's board of directors, headed by Mintzlaff, will have to reach an agreement with the city.

The national teams of Portugal, Czechia, the Netherlands, France, Croatia and Italy will compete for Euro 2024 group stage points at Red Bull Arena (named Leipzig Stadium for UEFA purposes). The final touch of the tournament at the venue will be the Round of 16 match on July 2.

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