Spain: World Cup final at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu?

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Spain: World Cup final at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu? We already know a lot about the 2030 World Cup. For example, we have learned about all the stadiums where the world's best footballers will play. The question then becomes - which venue will host the grand final?


The best stadium in the world as the venue for the most important match in the world?

Is this topic of interest to you? If so, subscribe to our newsletter, from which this article is taken. You will then receive similar content more often and faster! Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, where Real Madrid play, is set to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup final, according to a number of sources. This was reported by the Spanish newspaper El País, for example, and these reports were subsequently echoed by MARCA and other media outlets.

The tournament will also take place in Portugal and Morocco, with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay playing their first matches in their respective countries. This will be the first FIFA World Cup played on three different continents. However, the Spaniards are not the only ones who are eager to host the final.

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Madrid, Barcelona and... Morocco

It is impossible to leave out of this discussion Spotify Camp Nou, which is currently under renovation. However, a venue with a capacity of as much as 105,000 will be completed as early as 2026, well before the World Cup, so it will be much more capacious than Santiago Bernabéu. Nevertheless, it seems logical that FIFA would also take the location into account - there is no denying that the capital Madrid is a safer option than Catalonia's largest city. It must also be taken into account that Bernabéu will be ready soon, while Camp Nou will have to wait a little longer. In many ways, therefore, Real's stadium seems more reliable. Florentino Perez is always one step ahead of everyone else...

Morocco is also aiming to host the last match of the championship. This involves Casablanca, where Grand Stade de Casablanca will be located. However, it is to be the largest in the entire country. The capacity of this future venue has been discussed for several years, with recent reports even stating that as many as 113,000 spectators will be able to enter the stands. It is far from certain that this new stadium will be chosen as the final arena, but it can be assumed that it will be considered for the semi-final matches.

Grand Stade de Casablanca - design© Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

The favourite in the race for the World Cup final is undoubtedly the Santiago Bernabéu. The venue has already hosted the 1982 FIFA World Cup final. 48 years after that event, will the new version of the stadium once again become the centre of the football world? The competition to host the most important match of the year promises to be fascinating.