England: Which Premier League 2022/23 stadium is the cleanest, and where is the dirtiest?

source: C EnLigne; author: Kuba Kowalski

England: Which Premier League 2022/23 stadium is the cleanest, and where is the dirtiest? Several venues of the popular top six teams’ have been selected for the top five cleanest stadiums, so one representative from the Premier League's biggest clubs is missing among them. Which one? And which stadiums are filthy in England?


Who is in the lead?

According to the data collected by the C EnLigne website, Etihad Stadium is the cleanest of all arenas from the Premier League. City's stadium is known for being one of the more pleasant matchday experiences with decent food options and short queues. Also, Tottenham's newly opened home, which is now one of the best stadiums in the world, makes a very positive impression on fans. The survey turned up just 19 negative reviews out of more than 16,000.

This is one of the few fields where Spurs have an advantage over Arsenal. The home of The Gunners, which will soon be 20 years old, ranked behind Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Only 0.12% of the 26,222 reviews contain negative words, so it can't be said that this is a bad result. On the contrary, despite so many years, Arsenal's arena is doing very well. The team is one of those on which people most often bet money, which is popular, similar to playing online casinos. People interested in the game check https://livecasinorank.com/ - one of the world’s most ambitious websites and online directory for the top live casinos.

Etihad Stadium © jrb

Other places

Further positions were awarded to other stadiums where the world's most recognizable clubs play on a daily basis. Anfield was named as the fourth cleanest facility. The arena is also not one of the newest, but fans still appreciate the conditions in which matches can be watched there. In addition, the legendary Liverpool stadium is currently undergoing an expansion that will further enhance its prestige. The renovation, which includes increasing the stands by 7,000 seats, is expected to be completed this year.

On fifth place among Premier League stadiums singled out by fans as the cleanest was Old Trafford. Despite numerous complaints from fans about damaged stands, falling out elements and a general lack of maintenance, Manchester United's home sneaked into the top five. With 41,805 reviews, 79 of them contained negative comments, so the overall percentage is flattering, but with the upcoming takeover by the new owners, renovating the stadium may be one of their first priorities.

Anfield© Liverpool FC

Which stadiums are the most neglected?

As it turns out, Nottingham Forest's new stadium, City Ground, is the dirtiest in the Premier League. The facility got 20 reviews containing negative words out of 1,007, and also has the worst rating for the food available at the arena of all 20 teams in the division. However, a multimillion-dollar facelift is planned to begin soon.

There are surprising figures on Brentford's GTech Community Stadium, which is the newest stadium in the league, opening in 2020. Despite this, it is the third dirtiest in the Premier League. Selhurst Park ranks second from last, while Craven Cottage and St Mary's Stadium are fourth and fifth from last.

City Ground© Harry Edmo