USA: Paul Brown Stadium to acquire a new sponsor?

source:; author: Mateusz Osmola

USA: Paul Brown Stadium to acquire a new sponsor? Cincinnati Bengals’ home is about to change its name. The NFL team is closing in on a deal to change the venue’s naming rights. It is worth mentioning that it is the first sponsorship deal in the stadium’s history.


We are witnessing a new trend. The Pittsburgh Steelers recently found a new sponsor for their venue, called Acrisure Stadium; now, the Cincinnati Bengals are set to do the same for Paul Brown Stadium. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals are close to a deal for the stadium's naming rights - the first name change in the stadium's history

Paul Brown Stadium© Jim Pater (cc: by-nc-nd)

Paul Brown Stadium has been without a corporate sponsor for over two decades. The arena was commissioned in 2000 and was named after Bengals founder Paul  Brown. The stadium is one of three NFL stadiums not named after a sponsor  (Lambeau Field and Soldier Field being the others). Nowadays, the franchise is enjoying one of the most successful periods in its history, appearing in the last Super Bowl, which the  Bengals lost to LA Rams at SoFi Stadium. Football fans can be betting on the NFL results whenever they are. 

Cincinnati moved to Paul Brown Stadium from the now-demolished Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy  Field) in 1999, as the franchise had called the stadium home for 29 years. The Bengals played their first two seasons at Nippert Stadium on the University of Cincinnati campus in 1968 and 1969. 

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The name change appears shocking for Cincinnati, given that Mike Brown - son of Paul  Brown - is the owner and president of the Bengals. Hamilton County owns the venue,  so profits from the sponsorship would go to the county and the municipality. The franchise has notified the local authorities of the potential deal.  

Paul Brown Stadium’s outer appearance is very impressive. It primarily achieved the dynamic form with structural elements, like the steel roof topping the west and east side. This is where the stands reach a peak at 157 feet. The stadium design was carried out by  NBBJ and, most notably, Dan Meis, who later opened his own office. 

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The concrete and steel giant rises significantly above surrounding land and could be dwarfed only by downtown office towers, which many fans can see during match days. The lower north and south ends provide interesting views of the city skyline and the state of Kentucky just across the river. The stadium stands almost on the border of Ohio.

Comprised of three tiers along the field, stands can hold over 65,000 people for most events. The number includes (what was a very high percentage at that time) some 7,600  business seats and 114 skyboxes. Also, the stadium is nicknamed “The Jungle” thanks to the team's tiger theme. But aside from the NFL side, many other footballs and soccer teams also played here on numerous occasions. Since 2012 the venue has also hosted large concerts and a major chess tournament.