Stadium of the Year 2021: The Popular Vote is officially open!

source:; author: Robert Saganowski

Stadium of the Year 2021: The Popular Vote is officially open! There is exactly one month ahead of us to decide which stadium inaugurated in 2021 is the most deserving of recognition. The list is not so long, but there are some real gems on it. How will you vote? We leave that entirely up to you!


The competition for Stadium of the Year 2021 is officially open! You can vote for your favorite facility at this link: Stadium of the Year 2021. The contest will run from 15 February to 14 March (23:59, London time), when the winner will be announced. Which venue will be named Stadium of the Year 2021?

In the previous 12 editions, you have cast a total of over 400,000 votes! We are counting on your active participation also this time. There are as many as 23 stadiums from 5 continents to choose from, but under ideal conditions there would have been probably more than 30. Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, many construction sites have encountered delays and some stadiums, although they have been completed, they have not yet been inaugurated.

The list includes countries that have been building new stadiums every other year, such as the USA, Spain and Germany. A few venues from less popular corners of the world are also worth mentioning. Cameroon hosted the Africa Cup of Nations this year and the final match took place at the 60,000-seat Stade Omnisport Paul Biya in Yaoundé. The new national stadium in Cambodia and Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar, the arena for the opening match of the World Cup, also have the same capacity. We also do not forget about South America and two facilities from Argentina and Ecuador.

Stadium of the Year 2021 - map

In this year's edition, Turkey and the United States have the largest number of candidates (5 and 6 respectively), which accounts for as much as 48% of the venues nominated in the competition! Qatar has also indicated its presence on the stadium map of the world by adding 3 new venues. The largest one, Lusail Stadium, unfortunately could not be admitted to the competition as it has not yet had its official inauguration. Perhaps the arena of the World Cup final will win the competition next year?

You have plenty of time to choose - we start today and end at midnight on March 14. Until then you can get to know each stadium and cast your vote. Remember, you have to choose five arenas (distribute 15 points between them - the first gets 5 points, the second 4, the third 3, etc.) and click "vote", only then your vote will be counted. And we remind you that you can only vote once - we do not count the subsequent attempts.

Once again, we remind you that you can vote under this link: Stadium of the Year 2021. You will find there the list of nominated stadiums, along with their descriptions. And now, without further ado, let the contest begin!

Stadium of the Year 2021 - how to vote