Euro 2020: Wembley to reach 100% capacity for the final?

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Euro 2020: Wembley to reach 100% capacity for the final? As many as 90,000 people could theoretically participate in the last game of Euro 2020. Although COVID-19 restrictions won’t be lifted until July 19, Wembley might be exempted.


According to latest news by The Independent, Wembley National Stadium could grow to its nominal capacity of 90,000 for the final of Euro 2020. Government sources are quoted as saying “it cannot be ruled out” if England reach their first final in 50 years.

Of course, actual capacity would be lower due to some sections being reconfigured for journalist, but even staying under 90,000 would be a major boost for atmosphere and support for the Three Lions.

As we’re writing this, England is yet to defeat Denmark in the second semifinal but even the first semi, between Italy and Spain, proved to be a major show with 57,811 people present at Wembley.

Even though overall COVID restrictions will remain in place until July 19, Wembley could theoretically be exempt from capacity cap because it’s part of a governmental research programme, which examines the relation between mass gatherings and number of infections.

Keep in mind, Wembley began the tournament with 22,500 seats available for spectators, then moved to 45,000 for the Round of 16 clash between England and Germany. As things stand, the stadium is able to welcome over 60,000 people for the three final games. Last night’s semifinal wasn’t sold out but tonight’s is.

Author: MK

Wembley National Stadium, London© Habib Ayoade