Czech Republic: Stadium “under lollipops” in Hradec Králové approved

source: [TS]; author: Tomasz

Czech Republic: Stadium “under lollipops” in Hradec Králové approved The construction of a new facility in Hradec Králové will soon begin. Its most characteristic elements will be lighting masts, which will be preserved from the old stadium.


City provides funding

For many years, in a city in the north of the Czech Republic, there have been talks of the need to build a new stadium. Unfortunately, years have passed with the planning and constant changes to the concept of the arena

Every now and then a new entity interested in the investment appeared and disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Over the years, three unsuccessful tenders for the construction of the stadium were announced.

This year there was a breakthrough, more precisely on April 14, when a contract for the construction of the facility was signed with the winner of another tender. A consortium of three companies: Strabag, Geosan Group and D&D Elektromont won and the new venue will be built in the design + build formula. At this stage, work is underway to detail the design documentation and determine the exact schedule.

Novi Stadion (Malsovicka Arena), Hradec Kralove© Tomáš Vymetálek Architects

The above-mentioned companies have committed themselves to building a stadium with a capacity of 8,000 seats for the amount of CZK 568 million (€ 22 million). The city has already reserved funds in the budget, but it will also apply for a subsidy in the amount of CZK 150 million (€ 5.8 million) from the National Sports Agency. The venue is to be expandable to 9,300 seats and will meet UEFA's requirements for football arenas of Category 4.

The commencement of construction works is associated with the demolition of the existing stadium, which is to start this autumn. The initial demolition works started in 2017. Completion of the investment is planned for the spring of 2023.

Novi Stadion (Malsovicka Arena), Hradec Kralove© Tomáš Vymetálek Architects

Business model based on multi-functionality

It is known that the iconic lighting masts, i.e. popular lollipops, will be preserved. The city to which the club belongs insisted on this solution because it is one of the landmarks of Hradec Králové. They will be located in the corners, but closer to the stands in relation to their current position.

The winning consortium made some changes to the existing design documentation prepared by Tomáš Vymetálek Architects. According to the will of the city authorities, the stadium will be more multi-functional.

Novi Stadion (Malsovicka Arena), Hradec Kralove© Tomáš Vymetálek Architects

In addition to football matches, there would also be cultural events (an outdoor amphitheatre with 1500 seats), business meetings (12 sky boxes) and trade fair. Up to 25,000 spectators could participate in music events.

Three gyms are planned, including one two-story gymnasium with a climbing wall. Additionally, a training pitch and a 600-metre long athletics track will be built around the stadium. A 3-lane, 100-metre long track will be created under the eastern stand. In the rear part of the south tribune there will be 60 rooms for sportsmen.

During construction, FC Hradec Králové will have to move to another arena, possibly Mladá Boleslav, if the club manages to get promoted to the first division. If the team remains in the second division, club representatives have announced that they will stay in Hradec Králové, but at a different stadium.

Author: Tomasz Sobura