New design: Here’s the stadium to be built under the lollipops


New design: Here’s the stadium to be built under the lollipops The name is sweet and so is the design: simple, yet attractive. After 6 years of efforts (!) finally the planning permission is within reach and construction should begin by year end.

Hradec Králové is one of several Czech cities which have announced their intention to build a new stadium several years ago. But before they managed to break ground in Hradec, in Karvina a brand new stadium was actually built. Why is it taking them so long?

Hradec hoped for partnership with a private investor who would, in return for permission to deliver large commercial complex, deliver the stadium. But in over 5,5 years the project didn’t move forward.

Stadion Hradec Kralove

That’s why in 2015 the city announced a different, taxpayer-funded project that would see new stands built within the old stadium "Pod lizátky" (under the lollipops, name owed to 55-meter floodlight masts). In late 2016 a new, updated vision was presented, which you can now also admire on StadiumDB.

Exactly that concept in early March was aided with amended zoning, allowing it go forward. Now a detailed project is being worked on before planning application is officially filed. Demolition of the old stadium should begin by year end, while actual construction will follow in less than a year from today.

Stadion Hradec Kralove

The stadium would be built between existing masts and one of the key points is delivery in phases to allow constant use by FC Hradec Kralove. Built from scratch, its stands will offer 9,291 covered seats, some 550 of which for corporate clients. Compared to the 2015 vision it will see slightly lower volume of the main building, but in turn a much more decorative outer wrap.

Expected to cost CZK 380-400 million ($15-16m), the stadium should be delivered entirely by 2020. Funding is not yet entirely secured, but for the first time in years it seems the city is close to upgrading its derelict stadium infrastructure.

Stadion Hradec Kralove