Romania: Will Timișoara finally get a new stadium?

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Romania: Will Timișoara finally get a new stadium? Plans of delivering a brand new Stadionul Dan Paltinisanu have been surfacing for the past decade and nothing happened. And yet now a tender was settled and topographic works have begun. So maybe it's finally happening?


The idea of a new stadium in Timișoara has been around pretty much as long as we've been online. But thankfully we haven't gone the way of all previous Timișoara concepts, because to this day nothing has come to fruition of the 30,000-35,000-seat stadium visions.

Unfortunately, the traditional club Politehnica Timișoara went bust back in 2012. Supporters managed to rebuild its successor ASU Politechnica to the level of 2nd league (while another successor ACS Poli Timișoara is in the 3rd tier) but still use mostly the modest Stadionul Știința with 1,000 seats.

Still, the city of Timișoara is hoping to benefit from governmental sports infrastructure investment programme and redevelop the historical stadium into a brand new football venue. The National Investment Company (Compania Națională de Investiții, CNI) has already tendered initial works to make that happen.

On January 27 the contract was awarded to deliver the demolition plans and feasibility study for the new stadium. Results should come in 135 days, which puts the date around mid-June. Works were awarded to Asocierea SC Lucian Simion Arhitectura SRL (authors of the initial Steaua stadium concept) and SC Construcții Erbașu SA (contractor for the new Giulești).

As was confirmed by yesterday, topographic measurements have already begun on the Dan Paltinisanu site. Of course the future 30,000-seater still has a long way to go before becoming reality but who knows... maybe this time it will happen?

Stadionul Dan Paltinisanu