Milan: Is this the time to say goodbye?

source: La Repubblica /; author: michał

Milan: Is this the time to say goodbye? Allegedly only Inter hasn't signed on to this concept yet but there were so many visions over the past few years that we're still afraid to buy that story. Probably mostly because it would really mean San Siro would seize to exist. Which is hard to imagine.


Quite seriously, it's hard to keep track with the changing visions for a new stadium in Milan. In the past decade there were most certainly over 10 different concepts that surfaced, usually at preliminary stages but going as far as a solid planning documentation by AC Milan in 2015.

That said, today's revelation by La Repubblica sounds newsworthy at least. Apparently the city of Milan and AC Milan are already on board and only Inter is yet to make a final determination on the vision that would see both clubs cohabit over a period of 99 more years. It's a big cimmitment to make, indeed.

What is the vision? Both clubs would continue playing at San Siro until at least 2023, however at the same time construction of a brand new football arena would be taking place just a few hundred meters away. Once complete, the new stadium would come to life and the old one would be (we can hardly write it!) demolished.

San Siro

The new stadium would be smaller in terms of height and capacity. It would have one tier and the field sunken below ground level and would only house 60,000 people. This would match the potential of both teams at least decently, since neither Inter nor Milan were able to draw more than 60,000 per game on average since 2005. Inter may be able to break that barrier this season, however most campaigns in recent years were in the 40s and 50s.

The new arena is likely to have a bigger footprint than San Siro, interestingly. It would provide much more floor space and is likely to be integrated with other sporting and leisure facilities.

The price tag is suggested at €600 million, without detailed financial structure revealed as of now. However, at least a vast portion of the price could be recouped by naming rights, which are expected to sell for no less than €25 million per year. A bold expetation, unprecedented in Italy. But with two major brands under one roof (and possibly a retractable one, too!) it might come to fruition.

The stadium would be based on MetLife Stadium, one of the most expensive stadiums in human history. It's similar not only in terms of how it was built next to operating Giants Stadium. There's also the ground sharing feautre. MetLife is quite versatile and accommodates two NFL teams. Neutral in colour, it's illuminated for both tenants. In Milan also the corporate facilities would be adjusted to match visitors supporting specific clubs, reportedly.

It might end up being just one more on the long list of ideas ending up in the litter bin. But if La Repubblica is to be believed, this vision should be more!