Germany: Holstein Kiel introduce plan B

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Germany: Holstein Kiel introduce plan B After two failed tenders Holstein Kiel have dropped their planned east grandstand. In order to meet the set deadline, the team will deliver an even larger temporary stand behind the east goal.


As we informed you in mid-2018, the old east stand of Holstein-Stadion in Kiel has been demolished. Soon after demolition, construction of its 5,000-capacity successor was to begin. It would have been the first piece of a brand new stadium for Holstein Kiel.

However, first European tender delivered no offer at all. It was then launched once more and once more the effort was futile. This resulted in Holstein losing several months and not moving forward at all. Meanwhile, the team's goal is to meet the infrastructural criteria of the Bundesliga by mid-2019. One of them is capacity of 15,000, compared to Holstein's current 10,000.

To mitigate the crisis Holstein informed last week that a 'plan B' is now being launched, which will see a temporary tubular grandstand erected instead of the long-term one. Holstein is taking a €4 million loan to finance the project, which will see 4,000 places added immediately, then further 3,000. As a result, up to 17,000 people will be allowed inside the stadium for 2019/20.

While the solution isn't perfect, it gives Holstein Kiel and the city a time cushion to fund the long-term vision without missing out on ticket revenue and losing license. The teporary stand is expected to last no less than 4 years, which means that a promotion to the Bundesliga would be safe regardless of new stadium construction. It would even enable a complete change in planning by construction of a different stand in the first phase without going below 15,000.

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