Kuwait: 40 people injured at Gulf Cup final

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Kuwait: 40 people injured at Gulf Cup final Dozens of Oman supporters were taken to hospital after the glass barrier between them and players collapsed. The incident spoiled celebrations of cup victory, however no-one was seriously injured.


On Friday the national teams of United Arab Emirates and Oman clashed in the final of the Gulf Cup. After penalties Oman clinched victory 5:4, causing celebrations among thousands of fans in the east stand of Jaber Al Ahmad International Stadium.

As players of Oman came closer to their fanbase, many fans rushed to the front row, causing the delicate glass barriers to collapse.

And, since the first row is located roughly 2 meters above the running track, dozens of supporters suffered from a dangerous fall. Altogether the organisers confirmed 'around 40 people' being transported to hospital, thankfully none with serious injuries.

Fans rushing forward in celebration is an issue not addressed in far too many cases in global football, also one of the likeliest to cause mass injuries. Just last year we had a similar case in Amiens, France and one far more tragic in Dakar, Senegal.