Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah International Stadium

Capacity64 000
750 (VIP seats)
600 (Business seats)
250 (Press seats)
300 (Disabled seats)
Country Kuwait
Inauguration 06/11/2010 (Al-Qadsia - Al-Ittihad)
Construction 12/2004 - 2010
Renovations 2014-2015
Cost KWD 120 million
Design Weidleplan Consulting GmbH
Design time 2000-2003
Contractor Al-Kharafi Group
Other 5750 car park.


Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium – stadium description

Construction of Kuwait’s new national stadium was launched in an unoccupied area of Kuwait City in late 2004. Surrounded by roughly 6,000 parking spaces, the stadium was expected for delivery in 2006, then 2007 and eventually even after formal handover in 2009 it waited long before being opened to the public.

It wasn’t until late 2010 that official opening took place, but after just several months the building had to be closed once more, seeing significant structural issues. Thorough renovation in 2014-2015 allowed for it to reopen in late 2015, since when it became the host site of Kuwait’s cup finals and other domestic and international fixtures.

Most important element of the stadium, both structurally and aesthetically, is the concrete superstructure, consisting of 52 “razors” of various height. These dynamically-formed pillars support both the stands for over 60,000 people and the stadium’s 44,500 m2 PTFE canopy.



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