Liverpool: First renderings of Everton stadium presented

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Liverpool: First renderings of Everton stadium presented Not much can be clearly seen from these images but Everton's stadium is already exciting, following Dan Meis' presentation in USA.


Just last week we gave you the design of FC Cincinnati stadium, possibly the latest MLS addition, should FC Cincy win an expansion spot. Yesterday, during official presentation of the project, architect Dan Meis showcased his portfolio of other sports venues. As one might expect, it began with Paul Brown Stadium and first MLS-specific ground in Columbus, moving forward to AS Roma's Tor di Valle project.

But, what's most interesting for Everton supporters worldwide, one of the slides also included what will hopefully become the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. Three purposefully general and unclear images show what Meis describes as “really early ideas”.

Everton Bramley-Moore Dock stadium site

“Actually the design of Everton hasn't been exposed yet. These are some really early ideas but, again, one of the things we really focus on a lot is engaging with the fans and the history of the site.” Meis said.

While these clearly don't look final, the renders surely aren't too early. It's confirmed that Meis has been working on the design for months now and some of these ideas could be expected in the final design.

Possibly the clearest image depicts a very originally designed staircase mounting on top of a spacious plaza, used to display identity-creating messages about Evertonians. The stadium wouldn't be entirely enclosed, which is a common feature of Meis' designs.

And, perhaps most importantly, the planned capacity of 55,000 people would be divided into two and three tiers of seating, depending on the stand.