Edinburgh: Hearts considering safe standing

source: BBC.com; author: michał

Edinburgh: Hearts considering safe standing Hearts are considering the introduction of a safe standing section at Tynecastle. The news follows analysis of how such section is working out for Celtic.


A delegation from the club's operations team spent time analysing Celtic's standing section ahead of Sunday's final league match at Celtic Park. It is thought the standing section at Tynecastle Park could be introduced in the stadium's Gorgie Stand if given the go ahead, though no information as to any capacity change was released.

This would mean that the new east stand would not be part of such project. Instead, the existing south section (from which the below photo was taken) would be used to house such trial section.

Tynecastle© Maciej Brewczak

Despite safe standing bein approved several years ago across Scotland, Celtic were the only major club to date to use the rail seating system at their stadium. Since being opened to the public last summer it's receiving considerable praise and improvement in matchday atmosphere seems very convincing.

The 2,900-capacity section is used for domestic matches only because UEFA doesn't allow such systems to be in use. But the rail seating system, as its name suggests, has seats integrated into the rails, allowing for very fast and easy conversion between seating and standing mode.