Mexico City: Cruz Azul to relocate to Azteca

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Mexico City: Cruz Azul to relocate to Azteca From 2018 onwards Cruz Azul will not play at Estadio Azul anymore. The club will return to Mexico’s biggest temple, Estadio Azteca.


Owner of Cruz Azul Guillermo Álvarez confirmed publically that his club will not play at Estadio Azul from 2018 onwards. Their lease runs out in June of next year and afterwards they will move back to Estadio Azteca.

This means a return after 22 years since they last played a season at Coloso de Santa Úrsula, the stadium which saw most of their domestic triumphs.

Estadio Azteca

However, Álvarez also indicated this is only a temporary solution. It’s not clear how temporary, but we understand it will take at least 3-5 years before Cruz Azul can move out.

First they need to build a private stadium of their own, which as of yet doesn’t even have a location selected. Cruz Azul have been in talks with Mexico City authorities for quite some time and so far the progress seems minimal.

currently the most likely site for a 40,000–50,000 seat stadium is the Olympic Velodrome. However, it’s a national monument and demolition would require approval from the federal authorities. Even if granted soon, this would still mean no less than 3 years for design and construction.