London: New White Hart Lane and its potential impact on Tottenham’s future!

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London: New White Hart Lane and its potential impact on Tottenham’s future! Tottenham Hotspur have been at the very top of English football for many seasons now and White Hart Lane has been a difficult obstacle to overcome for most of Premier League sides. This season alone, Spurs have not lost a single of the nine home matches they have played, a feat matched only by Liverpool.


However, times change and the current White Hart Lane stadium is set to become history within just two years. For some time now, the construction of the new Tottenham Hotspur home has been in progress almost at the very same location where the current stadium stands.

The construction is already well underway and the new £750 million project will surely bring many good things to the club. White Hart Lane has served the Spurs well for many years and now it is finally time for the club to move into a bigger and better home, more fit for the spectacular performances they have been putting in over the last decade.

New Pitch And New Horizons

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this project of rebuilding the White Hart Lane is a part of the overall idea of making Tottenham Hotspur one of the major players in the UK football scene. After all, Spurs have been actively combating for the spot in the top five of English football for many years now and a push like this may be exactly what they need to make themselves a part of the elite five for years to come.

While Tottenham’s form was quite consistent, their attempts at making a title push have been denied time and time again. Yet, compared to the other teams who often failed to achieve as much as the Spurs did, Tottenham have neither the brand name nor the money to compete.

England Stadiums

Yet, through perseverance and amazing football, Spurs have managed to stay at the top. They have done all this homed at the relatively small White Hart Lane and the new stadium promises huge expansion. The 61.000 seats that the stadium is set to feature, along with the modern look and feel it will bring, make this project well worth the 750 million investment being made.

While some may be questioning if this money could be better spent on bringing reinforcements or improving the club in other ways, there is no doubt that a new stadium is a great idea in the eyes of most fans. After all, who doesn’t like to be a part of major spectacles with 60,000 people watching.

Naming Rights And The Price

A recent trend that many clubs have been adopting is selling the naming rights to their new stadiums to massive companies such as international airlines. Tottenham are hardly a club who can afford to spend hundreds of millions just like that, so many experts expect that they will be selling the stadium name at a hefty price to offset some of the money spent on building their new home.

Of course, a big part of the 750 million price will also be offset by the extra tickets that the club will now be able to sell, with nearly 30,000 new seats available for each match. This equates to tens of millions in direct return per season and makes the investment well worth it.

Of course, the biggest way in which the club hope to repay their investment is simply by having the team perform better overall and hopefully finally winning the Premier League in one of the coming years, which would more than compensate for all the work and money invested into the new arena.

What Tomorrow Brings

Tottenham’s future is a likely to be a bright one, as the club are certainly living through a renaissance in the recent years. With a brand new home and plenty of enthusiasm, Tottenham will be marching into the 2018/19 season full of confidence.

You can keep track of all the latest odds on Tottenham’s future at and find various bookmakers who will let you place bets and take some of the action on what is to come for the Spurs. Can they make a push at the latter half of this season and produce a miracle? While we are waiting for the new White Hart Lane to open its doors, this is something all true Hotspur fans will be dreaming of.