Dresden: Dynamo’s stadium to be expanded?

source: Bild.de; author: michał

Dresden: Dynamo’s stadium to be expanded? Already in the third league they’ve exceeded expectations in terms of attendance. Now Dynamo Dresden have almost reached their limit, long before reaching Bundesliga.


After 9 games in the 2. Bundesliga Dynamo Dresden are safe in mid-table but getting a ticket to their games isn’t equally safe. Occupancy at DDV-Stadion is at 90% or 28,763. With the limit set at 32,000 and part of the tickets being allocated to traveling fans, the home sections are almost full.

Meanwhile, the ambition is to reach Bundesliga level in the short or medium term, already showing great potential both home and away. This is why, according to Bild, talks of expansion are already ongoing, having begun in mid-December.

A feasibility study is carried out regarding potential expansion possibilities but the stadium is certainly possible to expand, even if only after raising the roof. Be it a second tier or extension of the steep lower level, DDV-Stadion may grow on three sides. Only the eastern main grandstand is off-limits due to proximity of Lennestrasse.


The above image is by no means official, it’s only our quick effort to show you what might be done over one or more stands. In the presented configuration capacity might grow by 5,000, most likely forcing relocation of the synthetic training field directly west of the stadium.