Hungary: Construction can begin in Székesfehérvár

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Hungary: Construction can begin in Székesfehérvár Old stands taken down, contractor for new ones selected, now it’s time to break ground. After 14 months current vice-champion Videoton will have a brand new stadium.


The Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár had a major milestone reached last week as Strabag was selected as the general contractor for new Sóstói Stadion. Construction will begin within 5 days of contract signing.

To get to this point, project documentation was amended and part of the existing stadium had to be demolished. Removal of crescent-shaped landfill terracing began in January and was done by August. Only the main grandstand remains today and it’s planned to be incorporated into the new stadium.

The stadium is expected to cost HUF 12.9 billion, though with land acquisition and procedural costs the budget is set at HUF 14.3 billion ($50.8 million).

After 14 months of construction, as contracted, the new stadium will open with over 14,000 seats. Designed to meet UEFA Category 4 criteria, the building will become new home to recent champions and current vice-champions Videoton FC.

Stadion Sóstói