Netherlands: Zwolle to expand their stadium again

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Netherlands: Zwolle to expand their stadium again They’ve been adding seats in several areas for a couple seasons, but it’s still not enough to cope with demand. Now PEC Zwolle want to expand the north stand, dedicated to most vocal supporters.


When it opened in 2009, the new stadium in Zwolle was able to hold roughly 10,000 people. At present it’s already past two minor expansions of the west and east stands. This allowed PEC Zwolle to gather 12,500 people per game and average crowds of 12,163 indicate that’s still not enough.

That’s why ahead of the 2016/17 season PEC Zwolle will raise capacity again. Exact number of additional seats hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s certain expansion will cover the north end, dedicated to most vocal fans.

The club suggested it’s going to go in the direction of Dortmund’s “Yellow Wall”, though obviously scale will be different. The north end will be extended towards the field, which means expansion will only add a few hundred seats.

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