Indonesia: New stadium flag record soon?

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Indonesia: New stadium flag record soon? Supporters of clubs in Latin America are known for stunning flags that sometimes cover entire stadiums. Now for the first time Indonesians are about to beat everyone…


We’ve already covered the subject of amazing large flags in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. We’ve also shown you Europe’s largest flag to be presented inside a stadium. Now all indications say we may have a new record holder in 2016…

The project called One Soul One Nation (OSON) was launched by fans of Arema Malang, one of Indonesia’s most popular clubs. But it’s now a nationwide initiative to display a massive Indonesian flag inside a stadium. Well, not inside any stadium, but the country’s largest – Gelora Bung Karno in Jakarta.

Aremania already filled their application to Guinness World Records as they want to display a flag covering 38,000 square meters! It would be the largest ever presented in any stadium as current record holder is just over 30,000sqm. Unveiling is planned in 2016.

One Soul One Nation

Interestingly, Aremania already had a massive national flag ready for presentation in October this year, but its size was “only” 13,000 square meters. At that point it already weighed 900kg (almost 2,000 lbs!) and now it’s expected to almost triple!

As if sewing it all together wasn’t a challenge itself (and fans are doing it on their own!), the price tag is also a burden. The initial flag requires further 500 million rupiah ($36,000 / €33,000) to increase its size. Thankfully, money is collected throughout the country by fans willing to contribute to this project.

As if this wasn’t mind-blowing enough, last year Aremania supporters presented a different massive flag, called “One Incredible Blue”. That canvas covered most of their stands with 15,000 square meters surface. Below you can see a clip about this flag.