London: Chelsea to break the bank?

source:; author: michał

London: Chelsea to break the bank? Today Arsenal have the best-earning stadium in England and beyond. But this may change when new Stamford Bridge opens with every fourth seat (!) being a premium one.


In today’s football world stadium revenue is one of the keys to success. At this point Emirates Stadium is the one generating best revenue compared to its size.

Despite being 15,000-39,000 smaller than Europe’s biggest stadia, it still brings Arsenal over €100 million annually. 108.3 million in 2013, to be exact. No other stadium of such size can compare as Arsenal gives 17% (10,000) of capacity to premium ticket owners.

Stamford Bridge

Now it seems Arsenal’s position as leaders in stadium revenue may be challenged with the new Chelsea stadium scheme. Roman Abramovich’s plan includes a massive 16,520 premium seats, representing 28% of the total capacity, estimated at 59,730.

Skyboxes and three top seating options (platinum, gold, silver) will offer 10,431 places for clients. Additional fourth level, bronze, is reserved for 6,089 people. For comparison, current Stamford Bridge offers roughly 4,500 premium seats altogether. Despite it it's already in the top ten earning stadia...