Ukraine: Kyiv officially running for 2018 CL Final

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Ukraine: Kyiv officially running for 2018 CL Final Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko confirmed that the Olympic Stadium in Kyiv is officially bidding to hold the 2018 Champions League final. Will Ukraine get the much-needed event?


In May the Ukrainian Football Federation (FFU) assured Kyiv will become an official candidate for the Champions League Final in 2017, 2018 or 2019. The first event was already granted to Cardiff, which leaves two open for the Ukrainian capital.

Yesterday president Petro Poroshenko announced the Kyiv Olympic Stadium is officially bidding for the 2018 CL Final. Selection of the host city is reportedly scheduled for a September meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee.  

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In recent days Ukrainian club stadiums were visited by UEFA representatives before being approved for Champions League and Europa League games. Despite unstable situation in the country, Kyiv is seen as able to hold major games.

Would this be enough to convince UEFA for the CL Final? It would surely be a move welcome in the country. It would also be the very first final awarded to an Eastern-European city since the 2008 Moscow final.